Get Justice

SoloSuit e-Court is an online alternative dispute resolution platform. People can e-sue anyone and parties can find resolutions. 

File an e-lawsuit

The plaintiff, or person suing, fills out our lawsuit form and files an e-lawsuit. 

SoloSuit is not a law firm. This is not an extortion or coercion attempt. SoloSuit Court is an online alternative dispute resolution platform. 


Step 1

Step 2

First opportunity to settle

The defendant, or person being sued, has a chance to settle the e-lawsuit via email. 

Step 3

e-Lawsuit is posted

The e-lawsuit is posted on SoloSuit e-court. 

It's never too late for justice.


How It Works

Step 4

Continuous attempts at resolution

The parties continue to attempt to settle the lawsuit. The defendant can respond to the e-lawsuit, offer a settlement, or hire a mediator.